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Enough of the Pessimism: How About Some Positive Politics?


It’s a tactic I often employed in my childhood whilst being told off for misbehaving.
When there was no justification for my own actions I would often resort to pointing at my sister and then trying to tell my parents about something worse that she htoryad done.

This is obviously a strategy that currently appeals to the bulk of our politicians.
“Vote SNP get the Tories. The Tories only care about the rich” we hear from Labour. Why don’t they instead try and focus on promoting their plans to fix the SNPeconomy?

“Vote SNP, get Labour who will ruin our economy!” is the main message from the Conservatives, why don’t they instead tell us about their plans to balance the books fairly in Britain?

Here in Scotland we hear that only the SNP can “give Scotland a louder voice” in Westminster. Well that’s fine but what are we using that voice to say? Forget the rhetoric and the Westminster-bashing and let’s hear some positive policies!

With all the negativity and shots fired between the parties, it’s hard to see any of them in a positive light, no wonder people are so apathetic towards politics now, why would you bother voting for anyone when all you’ve heard is the potential mess that each one will bring? It seems that the main parties don’t have many ideas on how to improve the state of our country so instead are resorting to telling us that they’re not as bad as the other guys.

All parties are guilty of this, some for than others. Even my own party to an extent. That’s why I want to contribute to a system of more optimistic politics by putting forward my own positive case for the Liberal Democrats.

If you want us to continue repairing the economy in a fairer, greener way in which the recovery is felt by everyone.
If you want our NHS to receive the funding it needs.
If you want everyone to have the same opportunities in life, regardless of their race, sexuality or economic background.
Then vote for the Liberal Democrats on the 7th of May for a stronger economy in a fairer society.


Scottish Government needs to reform procurement process

I noted an article in the Forfar Dispatch about Angus Council contract for new housing stock last month. I agree with “An Angus Employer” who complained in a letter [4 November] that the contract was not awarded to a local Angus business. 

Unfortunately Councils in Scotland are tied to the procurement policies of the SNP government. They have centralised the process and made it extremely difficult for smaller local businesses to be approved to even bid for contracts. The approval process and level of paperwork is beyond local builders and service providers. I have discussed this very issue with builders in Angus before and after this year’s General Election.  

That is why I was delighted to be able to support a new procurement policy for the Scottish Lib Dems at their recent Autumn Conference. This calls for a replacement for the SNP’s procurement body, Scotland Excel, in favour of a unified body that will make local and central government contracts accessible for smaller local businesses. 

I know that local Councillors are as frustrated about the issue as local businesses and have strived to help them meet the arduous requirements imposed on them by the SNP’s simplistic one-size-fits-all procurement policy. 

After next year’s Scottish election, the situation will hopefully change.  Let us hope it is not too late for local firms struggling to stay afloat during the recession.

You can read more about the situation by clicking here for an article in The Courier.

Angus Lib Dems renew calls for Government support to halt coastal erosion in Montrose

Following the recent bad weather, Angus Liberal Democrats have renewed their calls for the Scottish Government to do more to help protect Montrose from coastal erosion.  There has been further erosion at Montrose Golf Course, which is the 5th oldest in the world and will celebrate its 450th year in just two years time.

Reacting to news of further erosion at the Golf Course and along the coast, Sanjay Samani, Lib Dem campaigner for Angus and Mearns said:

“I was shocked to hear from Montrose Cllr David May this morning that there has been further erosion at Montrose Golf Course.  I visited the course with Alison McInnes, Lib Dem MSP for the North East, just three weeks ago to inspect the damage.”

“The SNP have scrapped a special flood funding scheme introduced by the previous Lib Dem / Labour administration.  They have largely left Councils to fund such schemes from their own budgets.”

“With both coastal erosion and flooding, the SNP Government have focussed on funding warning systems.  While the new warning systems are worthwhile, they do not replace the need for investment to protect our coastline”

“The SNP have not allocated enough money to properly tackle coastal erosion and so risk losing an important part of Scotland’s sporting heritage.  The golf course is all that stands between Montrose and the risk of damage to the town.”

Montrose Cllr David May commented, “This morning, I inspected the impact of the recent bad weather on the coastline at Montrose Golf Course. There has been further erosion, especially at some of the more vulnerable holes.”

“I call on the Scottish SNP Government for help, so that hard cash is allocated to help deal with coastal erosion.  And furthermore, the SNP needs to change policy on the way it allocates funding.”

“With more bad weather forecast for the coming weekend, there are obviously concerns about the impact on the course if there is further erosion.”

Sanjay visiting Montrose Beach with Alison McInnes MSP