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Richard Moore offers solutions to “School Run” parking

Residents near schools have complained to Richard about “school run” parking.
Richard said, “Residents are annoyed at their drives being blocked and road restriction markings being ignored.
Of course parents want their children to get to and from school safely, but we have to make sure that other children are not put at risk by thoughtless parking.”

“There are solutions to address the problem. For example, there are walking buses, ‘Park and Stride’, using a local car park as an assembly point.
We have to raise awareness of the dangers and educate parents about the risks of careless parking.
My aim is to address the problem sensibly without resorting to draconian measures such as parking fines.”

Richard Moore is the Scottish Liberal Democrats candidate for Arbroath West, Letham and Friockheim.

Richard Moore slams ‘obscene’ Council Tax increases


Arbroath West, Letham & Friockheim candidate Richard Moore has criticised Angus Council and Holyrood for Council Tax increases significantly above the rate of inflation.  “The new National E-H Increase means increases can be over sixteen times the rate of inflation – and there is no guarantee that this increase will be spent on improving services in Angus,” said Richard.  “This flies in the face of Alex Salmond’s statement, supporting the Lib Dem view, that ‘we believe that local income tax is a better and a fairer way to contribute to paying for local services. We believe that taxation should be based on the ability to pay.”

Richard added “Alex Salmond, while First Minister, stated ‘there is something fundamentally flawed about a taxation system that does not take account of people’s ability to pay’, yet this is exactly what the SNP-controlled Scottish Parliament is implementing.

“This will impact on the construction industry, as most properties now are rated E; it will affect the housing market, as people will be deterred from moving up the ladder with the additional costs, which means the ‘first-time buyer’ properties will be blocked.  Local Income Tax is the way forward, not this draconian, unfair process.”

Monifieth Medical Centre Bus Stop

A local resident recently contacted me to bring my attention to the bus stop outside the Monifieth Health Centre on Victoria Street.
The markings on the road next to the bus stop need repainted as the recent roadworks on Victoria Street have removed the word ‘stop’ and part of the word ‘bus’.
I have written to the council about this and sent them a picture of the road, hopefully they will repaint it soon.


Ben Lawrie to Angus Council: “Don’t close the Monifieth Recycling Centre.”

LibDem candidate ofr Monifieth & Sidlaw Ben Lawrie has criticised Angus Council's plan to axe the Monifieth recycling centre.

With the announcement that the council will be closing several recycling centres around Angus, Liberal Democrat council candidate Ben Lawrie has raised concerns surrounding the proposed closure of the Monifieth Recycling Centre.

“There are several reasons why I believe that closing this centre is a bad idea. Our environment is of the utmost importance yet we’re failing to incentivise people to recycle by making them travel longer distances to use recycling facilities. Not only will longer journeys to these facilities impact our carbon footprint, people will also be less likely to make the effort at all, instead opting to fly-tip at the council’s expense.”
“The closure of the recycling centre, paired with the new garden waste collection charges are a double whammy of bad news for the residents of Monifieth as well as the local environment and I hope that the Council will soon see sense.”

Changes to recycling facilities in Angus are projected to save £246,500 – falling short of planned savings.

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Ben Lawrie slams garden waste collection charges

Monifieth & Sidlaw candidate Ben Lawrie has recently spoken out on the new garden waste collection charges introduced by Angus Council labelling them “unfair and ineffective”.
The charges, introduced last month were initially intended to deal with “severe budgetary constraints”, however since their introduction only 1/3 of households have signed up for the service.
Commenting on the lack of uptake, Mr Lawrie said: “With only a third of households in Angus signing up for the new garden waste collection charges it is now clear that this charge is not only unpopular, it’s not working either.”bins

“I fear that the failure of this scheme will lead to a rise in fly-tipping, which will need to be dealt with at a cost to the council, this seems to me a very counter-intuitive result for what was originally supposed to be a money-saver.”

“Talking to people around Angus, the common message I’m getting is that people feel that their council tax should be paying for waste collection and that these new charges are just a back-door tax  imposed by the SNP administration in Angus.”

Crowds turn out to celebrate Olympic & Paralympic achievements

Thousands of people turned out on Sunday for the celebration of the athletes, volunteers and organisers from the north-east of Scotland who helped make this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games such a success. They lined Castlegate, Union Street and Golden Square in Aberdeen, gathered en masse in Westhill and braved the rain showers at Haddo Park. The event, organised by Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council, took place on Sunday, September 16.

Following a private breakfast reception at the Town House in Aberdeen, the public event began at the Castlegate where people had a chance to see the athletes and volunteers and take photos, as they gathered at the gold post box of Katherine Grainger. Rower Katherine Grainger, canoeist Tim Baille and cyclist Neil Fachie were able to show off their gold medals. They boarded an open-topped bus which paraded through the heart of Aberdeen, visiting the post boxes painted gold in their honour. They were joined by swimmers Hannah Miley and Robbie Renwick, and Paralympic cyclist Lora Turnham.

The bus paraded down Union Street was led by the Portlethen & District Pipe Band, and be followed by dozens of Torchbearers, Games Makers and other volunteers. The bus made a detour round Golden Square to the gold post box which recognises the achievement of Paralympic cyclist Neil Fachie.

The bus made its way at normal speed to Westhill, for the next leg of the tour, at Tim Baillie’s gold post box on Westhill Drive. From there, the athletes, volunteers and Torchbearers joined other guests for a civic reception at Haddo House.

Peter Bellarby was amongst the councillors from Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire who were present at the receptions. He said:
“I was delighted to be there to pay tribute to all the athletes from the North East who took part in the games, the Grampian Police officers who went to London to help, all those volunteers who went down to London and elsewhere to help at both games and to the torchbearers.

“I talked to many of them and it is clear that it had been a thrilling experience for all of them. I hope that there will be a lasting legacy from these games in the encouragement it gives to people to enjoy a more active lifestyle and to participate in sport. It can only be good for health and contribute to the enjoyment of life. The Paralympic Games, in particular, has a very powerful message to those with a disability. Don’t let the disability stop you doing things! There is much that you can do and much enjoyment to be had.”

Firm friends will make the move to new care home together

It has provided many happy memories for many people over 60 years, and a new chapter is soon to begin in the life of Edenholme Care Home in Stonehaven – and in the lives of two good friends.

Work on a new care village in School Road, including a 60 place care home and eight one-bed cottages, will soon be complete, with Edenholme residents moving to the site before the end of the year.

The new home, which doubles the number of existing residential care places, offers older people who need care an excellent quality of life in a 21st Century environment, with a skilled and caring team of staff.

Amongst those making the move to the new Edenholme are Margaret McRae and Margaret Frater, who met 10 years ago while attending Dunnottar Church.

Margaret Frater (92) took the decision to move into Edenholme three years ago, after developing an illness. The Stonehaven-born former midwife, who was still living in her Christie Crescent home, felt the time had come where she needed that little bit extra care and help and soon settled into a new lifestyle at Edenholme.

She said: “I do miss my own house and garden but being looked after and having all my meals made for me seems like heaven. We are like a big happy family here.

“Nearly three years have passed since then and we are all looking forward to the new home. En-suite accommodation will be wonderful and larger wardrobes and bedrooms are a must.”

Margaret McRae (85) used to visit Margaret Frater at Edenholme, before declining health also led her to make the decision to move in.

She said: “Since living here, it has been very good and everyone has been wonderful. All the staff and mangers are very approachable and when I went into hospital for a short period, it was so nice to return to Edenholme and to see everyone again.

“I am looking forward to moving into the new home as I will have my own en-suite bathroom and a bigger bedroom.”

The friends, who bonded over their shared experiences of living and working in Bournemouth, also praised the way the home is managed, saying they always feel informed and involved in the life of the home.

Margaret Frater explained: “Regular residents’ meetings give us the opportunity to raise any problems or complaints that we have and we can say what we feel; we all have our own opinions about our lives in Edenholme.”

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Social Work and Housing Committee, Councillor Karen Clark, said: “It’s great to hear such positive comments from our residents about how much they are looking forward to moving into the new care home. I am sure they will be delighted with the end result when they move in and get settled.

“There is no doubt that it will be a first class facility, offering residents personal choice, more control over their daily routines and a good quality of life.”

Vice-chair of the committee, Councillor Alisan Norrie, added: “This development has been years in the making and to see it coming to fruition is very exciting.

“I’m sure all the residents at Edenholme have happy memories of their time there, but will be looking forward to settling in and creating new memories at the School Road facility.”

Councillor Peter Bellarby said: “It is really good to see a new care home in Stonehaven with all the facilities expected by today’s standards. The residents of Edenholme have something to look forward to in their move to their new home.”

Margaret McRae and Margaret Frater

Margaret McRae and Margaret Frater

Eight one-bed cottages are also being built on the site to increase the care options available to residents and help people maintain their independence in their own homes for as long as they choose, in a supportive environment.

The care home has been fully funded by Aberdeenshire Council’s capital plan and will produce an asset in the region of £8million whilst the cottages have received support from a Scottish Government grant of £240,000 as well as the Housing Revenue Account and second homes council tax.

Peter Bellarby is one of the Scottish Lib Dem Candidates for Stonehaven and Lower Deeside ward in the Aberdeenshire Council election

Peter Bellarby, Lib Dem candidate for Stonehaven and Lower Deeside

Peter Bellarby

Peter Bellarby has had a career in Physics and Engineering, latterly at the university of Aberdeen. Peter has been a councillor since 2007 and is chair of the Council’s Scrutiny and Audit Committee and a member of the Council Administration. He has worked assiduously for the good of Stonehaven and Lower Deeside, pressing for work to be done on Bervie Braes and for the new Drumoak Primary School to be completed as soon as possible. He is chair of the Tolbooth Group that has kept the Tolbooth Museum open and has been chair of Stonehaven Town Partnership.

David Fleming is one of the Scottish Lib Dem Candidates for Stonehaven and Lower Deeside in the Aberdeenshire Council election

David Fleming, Lib Dem candidate for Stonehaven and Lower Deeside

David Fleming

David Fleming is a graduate of St Andrews University and has had a career in the IT industry throughout the UK. He retired in 2005 as a Senior Information Auditor for the Audit Commission. He has lived in the Stonehaven area for over 22 years. David has campaigned for many improvements in Stonehaven. He is secretary of Stonehaven Town Partnership and has been chair of Stonehaven and District Community Council. He has been active in the setting up of the Town Hall Trust and in ensuring the future of Queen Elizabeth Caravan Park. He has worked to ensure that the views of the community are influential and help shape what happens in the future.

Bill Howatson is the Scottish Lib Dem Candidate for Mearns ward in the Aberdeenshire Council election

Bill Howatson, Scottish Lib Dem candidate for Mearns

Bill Howatson

Bill Howatson has been Provost of Aberdeenshire since 2007 and a councillor since 1999. Bill has lived in the St Cyrus area for 25 years. He came to the North-east in 1984 to work with The Press and Journal where he was farming editor until 1996 and thereafter a weekly columnist until 2009. He now writes regularly for The Courier, Dundee. He has long been active in the community as a former member and chairman of the St Cyrus Community Council and is a keen supporter of village activities.
“One of my greatest pleasures as Provost was to host the annual reception for volunteers from all over Aberdeenshire. I was particularly pleased to be able to personally thank that great army of volunteers from very walk of life who do so much not only to help the Council, but their fellow citizens. We simply can’t do without them” said Bill.