Richard Moore slams ‘obscene’ Council Tax increases


Arbroath West, Letham & Friockheim candidate Richard Moore has criticised Angus Council and Holyrood for Council Tax increases significantly above the rate of inflation.  “The new National E-H Increase means increases can be over sixteen times the rate of inflation – and there is no guarantee that this increase will be spent on improving services in Angus,” said Richard.  “This flies in the face of Alex Salmond’s statement, supporting the Lib Dem view, that ‘we believe that local income tax is a better and a fairer way to contribute to paying for local services. We believe that taxation should be based on the ability to pay.”

Richard added “Alex Salmond, while First Minister, stated ‘there is something fundamentally flawed about a taxation system that does not take account of people’s ability to pay’, yet this is exactly what the SNP-controlled Scottish Parliament is implementing.

“This will impact on the construction industry, as most properties now are rated E; it will affect the housing market, as people will be deterred from moving up the ladder with the additional costs, which means the ‘first-time buyer’ properties will be blocked.  Local Income Tax is the way forward, not this draconian, unfair process.”

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