Mulberry Unit closure

By davidmay

It is has been made clear by Tayside Health Board that the temporary closure of the Mulberry unit is due to the lack of mental health staff, and this is a national issue. I therefore, urge the Scottish Health Minister to take action on this by recruiting more staff and I have contacted her about this. There is obviously a long term concern as the health board will have to make decision very soon, as to whether it is going to be a one site option or a two site option as there are units in Perth, Dundee and our one at Stracathro.

Although I am still appalled that they have been forced to make this decision to close it temporarily , I applaud the Mulberry staff who have made the transition for the vulnerable patients to Carseview, to be as satisfactory as possible by every member of the staff moving with their patients.

However, I am still concerned about this move for the friends and families of the patients who are now having to travel over 30 miles to visit them at Careview as it is clearly much further away for them to get to than the state of the art Mulberry Unit. What will help is that Voluntary Action Angus have agreed to organise transport to Carseview for friends and families who contact VAA .

I have also heard that the Mulberry Unit staff are collected by taxi from their homes and transported free to Carseview and this is being rightly done in their work time. However, although this is being done it is economically not sustainable in the long term.

From:: David May

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