Concern about support for local groups

By davidmay

My comments about the council report on the changed system

Angus council have changed the community grant scheme, which I helped to introduce several years ago, and which has given support to many community groups over the years as they could bid for grants of up to £5,000 for very worthwhile projects and made huge difference to the groups and what they could do.

However, the council have now passed a very considerable revision to the scheme and in order to qualify for a reduced support of up to £1,200 they have to have this matched by showing they can get the sum matched by crowdfunding. I have huge concerns about this change as in my view it will put many groups off and the groups themselves as well as what they are able to do will suffer. Furthermore, the sum they can apply for is now much more limited which will in my view means less can be done by the groups.

In a recent report on the previous system, we had groups that were enabled to buy spotlight to enhance a new lighting system to enhance their productions, assistance to a football team towards new equipment, funding to help to purchase a community shed, and assistance towards expand a Montrose Music Festival activity to provide a more family friendly event. The new system might mean less of these were able to be done and 2 of the successful applications were for over the new maximum of £1,200.

From:: David May

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