Supporting local groups – Council committee motion

By davidmay

A report at the council committee today made it clear that in future community groups will only be ably to apply for £1,250 and they will have to match this through “crowdfunding”. In the past the scheme was that applications could be made for up to £5,000 and groups usually had done considerable fund raising in a variety of ways.

After the report was passed I commented ” I have real concerns abut this new system, as the community grant scheme which I had helped to set up, and was initiated by the previous administration ( the Angus Alliance) was a huge success. There is no doubt this previous scheme has made a big difference to many of our community groups who have been able to access funds to help them run not only many community events but also as we have seen improve their facilities.

I fully understand that as a council we are being faced with having to make huge cuts in what we do and this is an area that was always going to be vulnerable to this.

However, I have real concerns about the new system as it will make it more difficult for some of our community groups to develop in the way they would wish. I can appreciate the need for match funding but to confine it to crowdfunding is in my view a mistake and will for some groups be a deterrent. What was wrong with the groups doing their own fundraising instead.

From:: David May

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