Ben Lawrie calls on MEPs to back associate EU citizenship for UK nationals.

Liberal Democrat campaigner Ben Lawrie has called on members of European Parliament to back proposals to offer UK nationals “associate EU citizenship” in upcoming Brexit negotiations.
This proposal would give UK nationals the choice to pay a fee into the EU budget in order to retain EU benefits such as freedom of movement across EU member-states and a vote in EU parliamentary elections.
Writing to Scotland’s MEPs, Ben said:
“I feel that this would help in addressing the anxieties that many people are experiencing as a result of the recent vote to leave the European Union whilst still respecting the vote of the majority.
I hope that you will use your position in the European Parliament to support this proposal as part of the Brexit negotiations.”

The idea of EU associate citizenship was originally proposed by liberal Luxembourg MEP Charles Goerens and has gained the support of the EU’s top Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt.

If you agree that UK nationals should be offered associate EU citizenship then sign the petition at:

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