Call for action on Legal Highs

By David May

I am very disappointed to hear that Lib Dem MSP Norman Baker has resigned as Home Office minister given the superb work he has been doing on Legal Highs. It is very important that now the report on legal highs, which was blocked by the Tories, but is now published , and which has led to new proposals is continued by the government and I call on the Home Office not to delay and complete the work which was initiated by Norman Baker.
I support what Baker has said in that we need a blanket ban on new psychoactive substances across the whole of the UK, by clamping down on the suppliers and shops. This would mean the legal shops would close and action would be taken on internet sales.
Sanjay Samani who is a member of the Montrose against Legal Highs Group added “ Presently manufacturers are able to get round the legislation as it stands, by changing the chemical ingredients and creating what is claimed to be a new substance. The new approach that the government has been led by Norman Baker, was passed in Ireland and this had a massive affect on the availability of legal highs in their country and we must back this here so that the Angus legal highs shops close”

From: David May

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