Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie MSP has today met with Deputy Prime Minister and UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg MP in London to present him with a copy of the report of the Home Rule and Community Rule Commission.

Under the chairmanship of Sir Menzies Campbell MP, the report was adopted overwhelmingly at the Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg MP said:

“Sir Menzies Campbell has put forward an excellent package of recommendations which once again puts Liberal Democrats at the forefront of the debate on Scotland’s long term place within the United Kingdom.

“From the formation of the NHS to the introduction of the state pension, from the darker days of the banking crash in 2008 to the triumph of Team GB at our Olympics this year, I firmly believe that the United Kingdom is stronger when working together.

“In tough times we help each other and in good times we share in successes. This is the mark of a modern, tolerant society.

“The Liberal Democrat plan for home rule all round would enshrine this spirit in the UK’s constitutional framework.”

Commenting, Willie Rennie MSP said:

“For over a century Liberal Democrats have advocated a federal United Kingdom. This report sets out a route map to a fair and federal UK.

“We know that a majority of people wish to see a stronger Scotland which works together with our partners in the rest of the UK on foreign affairs, defence and the economy.

“That ambition can be best achieved when we have a parliament not with powers on loan but with the permanent powers and responsibilities that enable it to be sensitive and flexible to local needs while able to share risks and rewards with the rest of the UK.

“We want to trigger reform across the United Kingdom and this report should act as a rallying point for those people who want change across the United Kingdom.

“We will use these plans to lead the debate, to build a consensus and secure a mandate for reform at the next general election. We urge people who like our plans to come on side and make the case for this change.”

For more information about “Federalism: the best future for Scotland”, the report of the Home Rule and Community Rule Commission, visit

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