Actions I have been able to get done on behalf of Craigo and Hillside constituents

  1. A small road sweeper has been deployed to clean up the large number of leaves on the pavement on Main Road Hillside which were causing problems for many people
  2. The council  are to install a positive drainage scheme in various sections of Marykirk Road where there has been flooding
  3. The works on traffic calming On Main Road  are substantially complete and the council is waiting on the contractor finishing off a few bits of white line road markings.
  4. I received information from the recycling officer about my request on behalf of Craigo residents on a mini recycling centre at Craigo Village Hall and was told that the new tarmacadam surface is ideal to site recycling bins. The council  will provide a recycling bins for clear,brown, green glass banks. and plastic bottle banks.

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