David Fleming is one of the Scottish Lib Dem Candidates for Stonehaven and Lower Deeside in the Aberdeenshire Council election

David Fleming, Lib Dem candidate for Stonehaven and Lower Deeside

David Fleming

David Fleming is a graduate of St Andrews University and has had a career in the IT industry throughout the UK. He retired in 2005 as a Senior Information Auditor for the Audit Commission. He has lived in the Stonehaven area for over 22 years. David has campaigned for many improvements in Stonehaven. He is secretary of Stonehaven Town Partnership and has been chair of Stonehaven and District Community Council. He has been active in the setting up of the Town Hall Trust and in ensuring the future of Queen Elizabeth Caravan Park. He has worked to ensure that the views of the community are influential and help shape what happens in the future.

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